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Wrestlemaniac (El Mascarado Massacre) free online video at Flixster

Wrestlemaniac (El Mascarado Massacre)

Genres: Mystery & Suspense, Horror
Release Date: Mar 11, 2008
DVD Release Date: Mar 11, 2008
Starring: Rey Mysterio, Irwin Keyes, Leyla Milani, Adam Huss, Jeremy Radin, Margaret Scarborough, Zack Bennett, Catherine Wreford, Rey Misterio Sr.
Directed by: Jesse Baget
Synopsis: When an amateur porn film crew takes a wrong turn while driving through Mexico, they quickly discover that the local legends concerning a murderous luchadore may have some element of truth in this bloody horror film. They were driving down a dusty road when they decided to make a wrong turn in the middle of nowhere, and now it's beginning to look like they may never find their way back to civilization. Upon pulling into the windswept ghost town of "La Sangre De Dios," the crew begins hearing whispers of a psychotic luchadore named "El Mascarado" who tears the faces off of his victims and leaves them to bleed to death. As the darkness falls and the crew gets frisky, no one notices that they're all about to become pawns in the most brutal death match ever staged. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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