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World of Taub free online video at Flixster

World of Taub

Genres: Documentary
Release Date:
Starring: Hy Anzell, Janice Nichol, Ari Taub
Directed by: Eva Ilona Brzeski
Synopsis: There are a few shining people put on this earth that simply must have a film made about them. These people don't include celebrities, authority figures, or anyone else who has had greatness thrust upon him/her. They are people who have quietly achieved a greatness all their own, people for whom carpe diem is not a trite motivational phrase. Such a person is Stan Taub. One may look at him as the good-natured reconstructive surgeon, sculptor, inventor, ventriloquist, and filmmaker from Brooklyn, but he would tell you that that's only what he does for work. Stan Taub is a man it would be a privilege to know; then again, it's impossible to ignore a man who naturally grabs the spotlight through the sheer force of his sunny personality. Director Eva Ilona Brzeski beautifully depicts Stan Taub's love of life and family, as it translates naturally to the screen with its infectiously positive way of looking at the world. The rest of his family may look at his many exploits with a mixture of bewilderment and amazement, but he doesn't care. He can't care. He's having too good a time.
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