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Vincent: A Life in Color

Genres: Documentary, Special Interest
Release Date: Nov 14, 2008
Starring: Vincent P. Falk
Directed by: Jennifer Burns
Synopsis: Vincent P. Falk is Fashion Man. Vincent P. Falk is Fashion Man. Clad in brightly colored suits; Vincent twirls on Chicago's many bridges, performing fashion shows for the passing tour boats. As he spins his way through the city, tourists and locals alike are left to wonder just who is this strange man. Over the course of one boat season, the film follows Vincent and begins to unravel the mystery that surrounds him.Vincent's close-set eyes, for example, speak not to his mental acuity, as some have suggested, but to his life-long struggle with glaucoma, which has left him legally blind. But Vincent has never allowed his disability to define him. Whether joining the diving team in high school; spinning records as a disco deejay in the seventies; or working as a computer programmer for the past twenty years, Vincent has followed his passions rather than the perceived limits of his disability.Vincent's strong need to be noticed was formed early on when he was abandoned by his birth mother and spent the first eight years of his life in an orphanage. It was there that Vincent learned not only the importance of standing out, but also the danger of getting too close.Today Vincent dresses in flamboyant suits, twirls on bridges and speaks in almost non-stop puns. He gets the attention he so desperately craves, while simultaneously keeping the world at arm's length. It is a delicate balancing act he has been perfecting his entire life. As Chicago watches and wonders, Vincent spins on. --© Official Site
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