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The Death of Andy Kaufman

Genres: Documentary, Comedy, Special Interest
Release Date: Sep 13, 2008
DVD Release Date: Jun 18, 2013
Starring: Andy Kaufman, Michael Herz & Llyod Kaufman, Alan Abel, Tony Clifton
Directed by: Christopher Maloney
Synopsis: Andy Kaufman, often erroneously cited as a comedian, was the world's first performance artist. He defied genre and categorization to become a true artistic pioneer. Given the absence of separation between his life and his performances, news of his terminal illness in 1984 was treated by many as another of his practical jokes. Then, upon his death from lung cancer months later, the questions and incredulity continued. Now, over twenty years later, his death is still not considered to be an undisputed reality. Many continue to wonder if Andy is alive... and if he is, what is he doing? What does he look like? Will he return to the spotlight? These are the questions explored in depth by this documentary, The Death of Andy Kaufman. --© Official Site
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