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The Blackout (Halfway To A Blackout)

Genres: Comedy
Release Date: Sep 1, 2013
Starring: Michael Graziadei, Scott Rosa, John Joyce, Autumn Federici, Matt Hish, Shanelle Workman, Flood Reed
Directed by: Matt Hish
Synopsis: When a struggling band "Bad Math" throws a massive party to celebrate their signing with a major record label, they get more than they bargained for. Hundreds of people fill house with rampant sex, unlimited drugs and free flowing alcohol, everywhere you turn are scantily clad women and drunken partygoers. Waking the next morning to a trashed house, the band quickly discovers the after effects of their wild night, half the band is missing, their girlfriends have dumped them, their record deal has disappeared and there is a dead guy in their pool and as if that wasn't enough, they don't remember anything that happened. Despite an epic hangover, the band realizes the only way to remember a blackout, is to blackout again. (c) Uncork'd Entertainment
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