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Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box free online video at Flixster

Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box

Genres: Documentary, Kids & Family
Release Date: Oct 1, 1999
DVD Release Date: Nov 2, 2004
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Andrew Dunlap, Cameron Alexander, Dillon McEwin, John Summers, Kelly Van Halen, Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn, Siegfried Fischbacher, Steve Tom
Directed by: Brett Leonard
Synopsis: Two men with gleaming white teeth, whips, and a bevy of large cats in cages are at the center of this glitzy 3-D IMAX spectacular. The film opens with two young boys sneaking backstage, hoping to glimpse the secret that is Siegfried and Roy. Instead of discovering how to make a puma spring from a valise, the gold caped duo transports the two trespassers into a storybook fantasyland. There the lads witness Siegfried's difficult upbringing in post-war Germany, Roy's lifelong obsession with animals, and their fortuitous meeting on a cruise ship. The journey ends at their sultan-like estate where they raise and train animals. Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box features the voice of Anthony Hopkins. The movie's 20 minutes of animated computer graphics, the most extensive so far in an IMAX production, provide an alluring storybook visual setting. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi
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