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The Secret Reunion (ui-hyeong-je)

Genres: Drama, Action & Adventure, Art House & International, Mystery & Suspense
Release Date: Apr 2, 2010
Starring: Song Kang-ho, Dong-won Kang, Jeon Guk-hwan, Park Hyeok-Kwon, Yun-seo Choi, Kyeong-min Go, Seung-do Han, Su-ho Ha, Se-hwan Im, Kang-ho Song
Directed by: Hun Jang
Synopsis: When North Korean secret agent Ji-won crosses the 38th Parallel on a mission, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) led by Han-gyu intervenes, and a shooting rampage ensues in the heart of Seoul. For the incident, Han-gyu is fired and Ji-won is deserted by his agency. Six years later, the two meet by chance and start a business partnership, each with the intention of stealing information from the other.
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