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Pancho Villa and Valentina (Pancho Villa y la Valentina)

Genres: Drama, Action & Adventure
Release Date: Jul 2, 1960
Starring: Pedro Armendáriz, Elsa Aguirre, Carlos López Moctezuma, Humberto Almazan, Domingo Soler, Emilia Guiú, Arturo Martinez Sr.
Directed by: Ismael Rodríguez
Synopsis: This film (and a few others) on one of Mexico's most well-known rebels was released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the revolution. In this instance, Pancho Villa (Pedro Armendariz) is presented as a contradictory mix of elements, as though several different people were residing in the same persona. He is at times shown as a genius at strategy, at other times he is an ignorant peasant. Whether an idealistic fighter for the rights of the people or a simple bandit, the personality of the man is emphasized over historical accuracy. And in that regard, his liaison with Valentina (Elsa Aguirre), another revolutionary, is naturally the focus of attention. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi
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