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The Octagon

Genres: Action & Adventure
Release Date: Aug 14, 1980
DVD Release Date: Aug 17, 2004
Starring: Chuck Norris, Karen Carlson, Lee Van Cleef, Richard Norton, Tadashi Yamashita, Carol Bagdasarian, Art Hindle, Kim Lankford, Kurt Grayson, Yuki Shimoda
Directed by: Eric Karson
Synopsis: Karate champ Chuck Norris returns for another chop-socky vigilante flick in The Octagon, one of a handful of undistinguished Ninja pictures released during the early '80s. Norris appropriately plays a retired karate champ hired as a bodyguard for a wealthy woman (Karen Carlson) plagued by a gang of vicious ninjas. Reluctant at first to take the job, he reconsiders when he learns the gang is headed by his longtime arch rival Tadashi Yamashita (Lee Van Cleef). The script -- as is the case in nearly every Ninja film -- has holes bigger than Okinawa, and the acting is downright atrocious, particularly that of Norris, who, thankfully, improved with time. However, the production values are fair, as is the direction, and the action sequences are often exciting and comparatively realistic. Recommended for genre fans only. ~ Jeremy Beday, Rovi
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