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Mojave Moon

Genres: Drama, Comedy
Release Date: Jun 1, 1997
DVD Release Date: Feb 8, 2005
Starring: Danny Aiello, Anne Archer, Michael Biehn, Angelina Jolie, Alfred Molina, Corin Nemec, Gary Lee Davis, Jack Noseworthy, John Getz, Lee Arenberg
Directed by: Kevin Dowling
Synopsis: An average middle-aged guy finds himself in an extraordinarily weird situation in this off-beat romantic adventure that begins when 53-year-old car salesman Al goes to a local coffee shop with his friends and ends up escorting voluptuous oversexed jailbait Ellie back to the desert trailer she shares with her mom Julie and her brutal psycho boyfriend Boyd. While Boyd and Ellie take off for a while, Al ends up dancing in the moonlight with sweetly seductive Julie. The moon that night is extraordinarily large and the two end up falling asleep. Eventually Al awakens and tries to go home, but unfortunately, his car will not start. Julie then informs him that most cars have trouble starting there. Still he manages to leave. Stopping at a filling station, he is appalled to discover that someone has stuffed a corpse in his trunk. That turns out to be only the least of his troubles. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi
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