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Joe + Belle

Genres: Drama, Art House & International, Comedy, Special Interest
Release Date: Jul 1, 2011
DVD Release Date: Jul 3, 2012
Starring: Sivan Levy, Veronica Kedar, Romi Aboulafia, Irit Gidron, Yotam Ishay
Directed by: Veronica Kedar
Synopsis: Joe + Belle is a funny and romantic new lesbian feature boasting a great story, a whimsically dark comic sensibility and stellar performances. Writer-director-star Veronica Kedar shines as Joe - a laid-back dope dealer full of magnetic charisma. Sivan Levy is Belle - a forlorn yet irresistibly sensual crazy girl who attaches herself to Joe and refuses to let go. The two women first meet when Belle breaks into Joe's house, then become an unlikely team when they accidentally shoot a guy - twice! - and must figure out how to get rid of the body and escape the authorities. They go on the lam together, and surprisingly fall in love amidst car chases, rocket bombs falling and other surprising misadventures.
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