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An American Crime

Genres: Drama
Release Date: Aug 17, 2007
DVD Release Date: Aug 19, 2008
Starring: Catherine Keener, Ellen Page, James Franco, Bradley Whitford, Ari Graynor, Nick Searcy, Michael O'Keefe, Romy Rosemont, Jeremy Sumpter, Evan Peters
Directed by: Tommy O'Haver
Synopsis: The true story of a young girl held captive by her insane caretaker comes to life in this disturbing film from Ella Enchanted director Tommy O'Haver. Hard Candy's Ellen Page stars as Sylvia Likens a teenager who, along with her sister, is left to live temporarily with seemigly-mild-mannered housewife Gertrude Baniszewski, played by Catherine Keener. Unfortunately for Sylvia, Gertrude soon snaps and holds her hostage in harsh conditions until the former's eventual death. Bradley Whitford costars as the prosecutor tasked with trying the case against Baniszewski. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi
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