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Genres: Drama
Release Date: Sep 6, 1991
Starring: Thomas Baptiste
Directed by: Kwate Nee-Owoo, Kwesi Owusu
Synopsis: Ancestral spirits are forever giving advice to the living in African myth and legend, as well as in much current African practice and belief. When Ama, a twelve-year-old daughter of Ghanian parents living in London, discovers an unusual-looking computer disk in the midst of some tribal objects, it sparks her curiosity. Especially since she found these things out in the English countryside. When she puts it into her computer, it warns her of dangers to her father and brother's health. She takes these warnings seriously, as does her uncle, visiting from Ghana, and the two of them try to get Ama's father to visit Ghana, as the warning required. Instead, he refuses and dies of a heart attack. Her brother likewise ignores the warnings, which are once again proven to have been valid. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi
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