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A Tale of Legendary Libido

Genres: Drama, Art House & International, Comedy
Release Date: May 1, 2008
Starring: Bong Tae-gyu, Seo Yeong, Kim Sin-Ah, Dal-su Oh, Yeo-jeong Yoon, Songjae-Ho, Jeon Soo-Kyung, Kwon Byeong-gil, Lee Sung-jun, Bong Taekyu
Synopsis: South Korean funnyman Bong Tar-kyu stars in Art of Fighting director Shin Han-Sol's period comedy about a shy rice cake seller who restores the sexual harmony of a small village whose male population has mostly gone off to war. In the time of the Yi Dynasty, the yin and yang of a small village has been drastically offset due to the fact that the majority of men have gone off to war. Unassuming rice cake salesman Gangse is the only male for miles, and as a result the local ladies all begin to vie for his affections. But Gangse views himself as little more than a blundering fool, and resists their advances until the day he crosses paths with a wise and virile monk who teaches him the secrets of yin and yang. Before long, Gangse has mastered the art of lovemaking. The local ladies are lining up outside his door, and showering him with lavish gifts. As word of Gangse's insatiable sexual appetite begins to spread, it appears that good fortune has finally shined down upon him until the moment he is forced to confront an unbearable trial. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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