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22 Jump Street 22 Jump Street R
"21 Jump Street" is one of my favorite comedies of recent years. It's main characters were endearing thanks to cleaver writing and the exceptional performances of Tatum and Hill. It payed homage to it's classic 80s Television name bearer, but had the smarts to do it's own thing at the same time (which was ingeniously sending up modern high school culture and mentality as well as cop movie cliches). The reason I've taken a little time to reminisce about just how good "21" is is because what "22 Jump Street" evokes above it's laughs is a constant sense of deja vu; so much so that one has to accept Phil Miller and Chris Lord's latest as self parody in order to get any enjoyment out of it. We are "treated" to constant repeated gags and call backs to the first film... with the leads in on the joke most of the time. This approach hurt my enjoyment of the picture because gone was the heart and soul of the first film, which is what truly made it special. Jonah Hill and (especially) Channing Tatum are on point and as hilarious as ever, but the central bro-mantic bond can't be taken seriously, and neither can the light, crime plot that while shifted in setting from High School to College, is pretty much an incoherent case of been there, done that. There's little in the way of pay-off when the baddies are brought down by our unlikely heroes; something the first film had in spades. Make no mistake. "22 Jump Street" is a funny movie. A really funny movie. Even hilarious occasionally. In this regard it's a worthwhile time at the movies. Hard to look past is it's rampant, snarky, insincerity which is no more evident than in the film's riotously self-aware credits montage about the state of Hollywood sequels. It'd be a great piece of satire if this franchise wasn't busy trying to set itself up as a part of the problem.
Jersey Boys Jersey Boys R
Though there is little in the way of directorial ingenuity, Clint Eastwood's "Jersey Boy" is a delightfully light (R-rated) musical biopic following the quick rise and slow burn demise of the Frankie Valli fronted "The Four Seasons." Though Eastwood's film is too long and feels a little like Scorsese-light (especially in it's earliest moments), the performances are on point. I liked the cast, the musical numbers, and the largely rudimentary biographical drama. It hasn't dethroned the stage play by any stretch of the imagination, and Eastwood's cut-and-paste approach to directing this material is disappointing. However, "Jersey Boys" is old fashioned storytelling that I had no problem getting behind based on it's strengths and infectious soundtrack.

Michael's Favorite Movies

Zodiac Zodiac R
Fincher's masterpiece.
Raging Bull Raging Bull R
Scorsese's best, and my favorite film of all time.

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