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Four Brothers Four Brothers R
Four Brothers - They came home to bury their mom ... and her killer .......... 'That wasn't no gang shooting. That was an execution. They set Mom up. They set her up.' .......... Four adopted brother return home to bury the woman who raised them. They learn that she was gunned down during a grocery store and they brothers reunite to seek revenge and take matters in to their own hands. Defiying police orders, the four begin turning their old neighborhood upside down looking for the mastermind behind the killing. Along the way they discover they are bound by ties thicker than blood in this powerful acton pack movie. .......... 'Miss Evelyn cycled hundreds of kids out of the foster program and into permanent homes. In 30 years she only came across four lost causes. Four delinquents so far gone she couldn't find anyone to take them in. So she did.' .......... Mark Wahlberg, Garrett Hedlund, Andre Benjamin and Tyrese Gibson are flawless playing the adopted Mercer boys in this movie, they play off each other like they're real brothers; it's amazing to watch. The chemistry between the actors was great. .......... I really love the relationship between Mark Walhberg and Garrett Hedlund as Bobby and Jack. The emotions between the brothers led to many very funny comic moments. .......... Bobby: Jack, it was a questionable kill. Jack: What makes you think that? Bobby: Boy, it's sad, you growing up without a father. Nobody taught you anything, did they? Maybe I should've stayed around longer and held your little hand, huh sweetheart? .......... four brothers .......... It has lots of Action, Drama and Thriller all together, makes a delicious movie to watch. The music for the movie was great and makes it that much better. The movie contains some excellent scenes, including an amazing car chase in the snow. It went through a range of so many different emotions and events in the lives of the four troubled men.. .......... I would most definitely, highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. .......... 'I wanna make a toast to Evelyn Mercer, the greatest mother four degenerate bastards ever had.' *******************************
Death Sentence Death Sentence R
Death Sentence - Protect What's Yours.. .......... Well, you don't really know what you'd do until it happens. Surprise yourself. .......... The family man and senior vice-president of the insurance company Starship Capital Nick Hume lives a comfortable life with his wife Helen and his sons Brendan and Lucas. While driving back home with his son Brendan after a game of hockey, Nick stops his car in a gas station in a dangerous neighborhood and he witnesses his son being murdered by the punk Joe Darley in the convenience store. When the prosecutor tells the grieving Nick that Joe would get a maximum of three years in prison, Nick tells the judge in court that he has not recognized Joe as the killer of his son. In the night, Nick goes to Joe's place and stabs him to death. When Joe's brother Billy is informed about the death of Joe, he summons his gang in a war against Nick with tragic consequences. ........... Kevin Bacon is a brilliant actor, who has torn my heart out by the roots more than once in some of his film roles, such as Murder One. He does it again in Death Sentence. He brings out the character's pain, fear and anger. Garrett Hedlund gave a great performance as Billy Darley he makes me think, should hate him or feel sorry for him. One side a badass gang leader, and from other side a caring and protective brother. John Goodman was just perfect. The rest of cast were great. .......... Nicholas "Nick" Hume: No. You listen to me. You go near my family, and I will cut out your goddamn guts like I did your fucking friend. Do you hear me? Billy Darly: He wasn't my friend. He was my brother. And now I'm coming for the rest of your family. You just bought them a death sentence, motherfucker. .......... The action scenes are on the ball. The chase scene through alleyways and parking garages were intense, with perfect camera movement. Much of the action has a method to it that allows you to see effectively and clearly what's going. You are never lost as to who went where. Even the winding, twisting pathways of a broken down building will never confuse you as to where the good guy and bad guys are. Director Wan and team had an eye for this kind of stuff, with the audience in mind. .......... I like Death Sentence because the great cast, great plot, acceptably fast-paced continuous and some great action scene like the cat and mouse situation which ended at the multi-stories parking lot and the shooting in Billy's "Office". I recommend.

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