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The Silence of the Lambs The Silence of the Lambs R
Suspensful crime thriller with great acting from itīs leads. The characters are memorable along with the story. The pacing and atmosphere of the film are perfect. Every scene with Hannibal Lecter is iconic thanks to the portrayal of Anthony Hopkins. The tension is built from the beginning and the climax in particular was really thrilling. An outstanding thriller that deserves itīs praise.
Noah Noah PG-13
Itīs hard to make an interesting and exciting film about a story we already know, but Darren Aronofskyīs vision was pretty epic. The acting and the cinematography were great and what I liked is that thereīs more to the movie than just a showcase of special effects; there is a focus in the strong humanity of the characters. And in my opinion the deviations from the Bible worked for itīs dramatic purpose. Noah is visually stunning and emotionally thrilling.

Aquiles' Favorite Movies

Inception Inception PG-13
Excellent film. It's almost impossible for me to say bad things about it. I just love when you are at the edge of your seat during the whole movie. I also see that it's hard to fully understand the movie the first time you watch it, because Hollywood is used to make brainless explosion silly movies. But is that difference that makes it better. Anyways the acting, the script, the visuals, the twists, and the score played together perfectly to give us this masterpiece.

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