Birdnest Baby (Trigger1000)

Fatamanu, Mutalau

Birdnest's Favorite Movies

Transformers Transformers PG-13
This movie delivers everything I expected. It has action, humour with a wee bit of comedic romance. This is by far the best adaptation to the cartoon. I rate this movie number 1 for this year. It's nice to know that once in a while Directors and Script Writters give fans what they want instead of trying to make a totally different plot that'll leave many disappointed.
300 300 R
For Sparta!! Haaaauuuh! Haaauuuh! This movie was totally awesome! King Leonidas and his 300 is an awesome tale and even better in this movie. Imagine all the damage the Spartans could have done with thousands of soldiers. Farh, this movie is just bloody cool.

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