Tino Raiford (tmannamt)

Portland, Oregon

Tino's Favorite Movies

RoboCop RoboCop R
Nothing's better than mid-late ultra-violent 80's flicks! But it's a lot more than that, it's satirical, dark, smart, brutal, funny, and very human when it comes to RoboCop's past memories of his family. But totally a classic bro!
Fight Club Fight Club R
When this first came out, I went to the store with my mother when I was 8, asking her if she can buy this for me on VHS LOL not fully knowing what this was, I asked her and she bought it. I remember for the first time watching this not understanding what was going on but loving every minute of it. But as I got older and the more times I watched this, it got greater, funnier and deeper. So it's cool loving a movie before it got hip to start liking it.

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