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Movie 43 Movie 43 R
Definitely a sleeper hit. With all the stars you'll be surprised you haven't heard of it. But when you see what they do, you realize why and appreciate it even more. All I'm gonna say..
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier PG-13
Cap is finally a badass again!

Thunder's Favorite Movies

28 Days Later 28 Days Later R
For me, the scariest movies are the ones that seem the most realistic. Of all the zombie movies, this was the first one to show them running at full speed toward their prey. The visuals are all eery and make you think. Bloody Brilliant movie!
Dawn of the Dead Dawn of the Dead R
Awesome! This is how remakes should be done! Not only did they capture that frightening feel of the original, but they also made it a fresh, up to date, and unique film. It practically starts off putting you right into the action with bloody, brilliant performances! I love everything about it.

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