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Dear Flixster Community,

After seven fabulous years with you all, we are sorry to let you know that we're going to be retiring the Flixster Community site on September 30, 2014. Please note that you can still access your ratings, reviews, and quizzes on Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes using your same login. We have had so much fun building this community with you.

Thanks for all the memories,

the walrus sujeevan (thewalrus666)

The Special Hell

the walrus' Favorite Movies

The Godfather The Godfather R
This is well nigh the perfect movie. the long and in depth look at the machinations of the mafia against the backdrop of powerful family drama makes for a movie that is timeless as well as brilliant. The only flaw is the fight scene with Sonny, such bad choreography! but it ends up becoming a framework for Sonny's own destruction and in that is the major contrast between Sonny, Don Corleone & Michael. The 2 latter being passive and skilled leaders of their syndicate whereas sonny is hotheaded and almost suicidal in his recklessness. By the end the cycle has gone through and there is a distinct resolution that seals the movie as a classic that needs to be seen by any serious film buff worth their salt
Fight Club Fight Club R
so much is good about this movie. The conceit: almost every male on earth can empathise with frustration over society and the relief of it through wanton violence. as well as the power of anonymity in general society. quite brilliant The characters: I really love the interplay between Jack(Ed Norton) & Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) and how they're changed by fight club and how fight club changes others. The Plot: the narration by Edward Norton framing the entirety at first than slowly leaving out to let the story motivate itself until he simply makes snide comments fitting the situation. I also loved some of the uses of irony (we were selling rich women their fat asses back to them) that frame some plot features The twist: I'm not gonna say what the twist is but i loved and didn't see it coming and it changes the entire context of the film I loved it, you should watch it!

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