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Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski (TheDudeLebowski65)

Private Residence, Man

Jeff's Recent Reviews

Rampage: Capital Punishment Rampage: Capital Punishment Unrated
Follow-up to Uwe Boll's finest effort, Rampage, Rampage: Capital Punishment is a surprisingly disturbing decent into madness. Well crafted in order to make the viewer unsettled with every frame. Uwe Boll has had the reputation of being one of the worst directors working today due his numerous video game adaptations. However, whenever he writes his own ideas to make a film, he manages to make something watchable, and this film is quite good for a sequel, and even more impressive for the fact that it's a Boll film. I never hated Boll to be honest, I always viewed his work as so-so, and he is able to make entertaining films when he's got a great idea to work with. Rampage: Capital Punishment is a haunting psychological decent into madness, one that mixes action, thriller and horror elements into one effective, unforgettable picture, one that is sure to be a cult film among midnight movie fans. Boll manages to pull off something thoroughly engaging, a film that has some tense, thrilling, horrifying moments that just grabs your attention, and you simply cannot tear yourself away from what you watch. The film is not perfect of course, but considering that this was made by Uwe Boll, it's a good effort, and it just goes to show that he can make a competent film. The lead actor Brendan Fletcher gives a great performance as the film's villain, and with that being said, I think he deserves to get far bigger roles in bid budget films, as he is a capable actor who manages to make a role his own. Rampage: Capital Punishment won't get an y accolades anytime soon, as it is a film that unfortunately never realizes its full on potential due to budget constraints and a few weak areas, but for what it is, it's a good effort worthy seeing if you want one of the better movies from Uwe Boll.
The Birdcage The Birdcage R
Accomplished comedy, The Birdcage is a well acted and directed picture that boasts a stunning cast of talented actors, a great story, a well thought out script and is a an engaging film that features a wonderful performance from late, great actor Robin Williams. Aside from Williams, there are plenty of great performances here, especially that of Hank Azaria. The story has a fine blend of comedy with serious overtones in a way that makes The Birdcage standout. The cast elevate the material, and under the direction of Mike Nichols, he crafts a near perfect film that relies on effective, memorable performances to really make this standout. We can see the result on-screen. The Birdcage works very well and is a fun, entertaining film that is funny, dramatic and features an impressive story that is sure to delight any viewer wanting a comedy with depth and great performances. The film may have few weak areas that could have been improved upon, but as a whole, the film has stronger points rather than weak points, and it's a film that embraces the fact that it has aspects that don't quite work, and runs with it due to the fact that a great portion of the material is well executed, and that the cast that director Nichols works with does so much to make the story and tone of the film be enjoyable for the viewer. The Birdcage may not be great cinema, but it's definitely one of those films that features a heartfelt, amusing performance by Robin Williams and with that being said, at least we have gems like this to revisit him even if he's gone. He was a talented comedian and actor, and he was able to adapt his unique style to any genre, and even if this film is a comedy, he added a serious angle to his role that just showed how great he really was.

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