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Conversations With Other Women Conversations With Other Women R
(2006 Director: Hans Canosa) Tres magnifique! Entertaining film mon surprise! Tremendous treat to see it this morning....We get to follow the reunion of 2 former acquaintances who are respectively bridesmaid (Helena Bonham Carter) & bridesgroom (Aaron Eckhart), brother of the bride who works with the groom! These 2 are wonderfully same age, offbeat, cynical, and terribly bored by the wedding. The Director successfuly uses a split screen effect throughout much of the film--sometimes replaying scenese from these two's romantic youthful past, apparently somewhat short-lived. Felt entirely different from the use of split (doubled & sometimes triple) screens used in More American GraffitiI for example. Simply LOVED the awkwardness that a dozen years passing between them made..and could totally relate to it!. Helen Bonham Carter reminds me of a friend of mine. They are both somewhat wistful..Still I found them light & playful as ever...+ real chemistry.."I'm thinking about the girl I used to know sitting reading under a tree..." There remains much more sentiment than one might suspect between these 2...Thomas Lennon was quite entertaing as the wedding videographer. ....He used to play guitar in bed.....they should be together!! Makes me miss somebody...
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Blindness Blindness R
(2008 Director: Fernando Meirelles--The Constant Gardener& City of God, a personal favorite) "I know that part inside of you with no name, and that's who we are, right?"

AGAINST leanings to the contrary, Iwhen i decided to watch this movie (BEFORE I had read the book) I took the advice of friend on my favorite book site.

Adapted from the novel by Nobel prize winning author Jose Saramago..This is at least a R rating...warning: NOT for the little ones overall rating R but in parts certain violence + sex mixed with survival themes. NOT recommending it for under say 11 yr old ('nuff said?)

This is a wonderful study of how people react in a crisis & a statement perhaps on the depravity of some peoples. Contagion of blindness...tho there is nothing visibly wrong with the eye according to medical tests. A physician (Mark Ruffalo) and his wife (Julianne Moore) are among the early ones to be infected something the doctor contracted from a patient at his hospital. However, his wife refuses to stay behind when he is forcibly carted away by the military to a quarantine holding center. She (Juliane Moore) does NOT lose her eyesight but keeps it a secret. "Man With Eye Patch" (Danny Glover) wears an eye patch and joins the group as the only one in Block One who has a radio! This is their first glimpse into what is occurring in the outside world.

Chaos and power struggles happen. There is not enough food provided to start out with. More and more people are added to the Quarantine Compound but without provisions being supplied. No one is allowed to leave; military police surround the Compound and shoot anyone out of line. The Doc & his wife have a pretty deep connection which rather moved me in this dark study. Julienne Moore shows her salt in this role.

At one point a Minister's voice can be heard preaching about the Apostle Paul (Saul of Tarsus) and relaying the story of him being blinded along the road to Damascus, on his way to persecute the early Christians. It is a famous story & I share it here because of the parallel with the blindness epidemic, the main plot of the movie. Saul after his experience (during Christ's time on earth) immediately changed his name to Paul, met up with the prophet as the Angel had fortold & his eyesight was restored. Paul did a complete turn around & wrote much of the New Testament. [In 1981 Anthony Hopkins beautifully portrayed Paul (in Peter and Paul directed by Robert Day).

CAST...Taxi Driver-Joe Pingue Receptionist-Susan Coyne Boy: Mitchell Nye "Mother of the Boy" -Fabiana Gugli The Accountant--Maury Chaykin Policeman-Joe Cobdon Maid-Amanda Hiebert Woman in Sunglasses(Prostitute)-Maria Inger Other Woman of Ward One-Toni Ellwand & Nadia LItz Minister of Health-Sandra Oh Sergeant-Michael Wandner Hoodulm-Billy Otis (led a gang of terrorists interned within the Quarantine Ctr)

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