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The Soloist The Soloist PG-13
ANOTHER TEDDY FLIX MOVIE REVIEW: "The Soloist (2009)" -- ELECTRIFYING TO THE SOUL! The Soloist is a POWERFUL FILM, based on a true story about a schizophrenic, homeless, Fine Arts trained dropout (played by Jamie Foxx) from Julliard who winds up playing violin and cello on L.A.'s skid row and under I-710 overpasses. But the beauty of this film and shear DIRECTORIAL GENIUS on behalf of director, Stephen Wright is ... clearly research was done on what urban homelessness is like, ... as every detail about life on the streets was adhered to without question. When you factor in the SUPERB ACTING on Robert Downey's part with Jamie Foxx's ability to totally assume his character's role, become that character, and render a tear jerking, Oscar performance ... you get a film that beyond a shadow of a doubt rates 5 of 5 stars! A MUST SEE!
The Best Man Holiday The Best Man Holiday R
ANOTHER TEDDY FLIX MOVIE REVIEW: "Best Man Holiday (2013)":EMOTION PACKED! HEART FELT! BLACK DRAMA AT IT'S FINEST! Shot primarily in Toronto, Canada ... this film truly felt like a Christmas Movie! If you aren't choking and tearing up by the 1 hr. 45 min. mark of this film, you may need to check if you are still human! This film far surpasses that of it's original 1998 prequel in every category ... for within "The Best Man Holiday" exists tension, strife, rivalry, haughty looks, lust, faith, belief, hope, seeking, miracles, jealousy, envy, ... did I say strife ... LOL! But despite all of the things the spirit of God flows throughout the film from start to finish! I'd like to see this kind of directing in all Black films, for Malcom D Lee shows us that not only can he make us laugh hysterically, as in "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins", ... but he can also make us cry as I did and I'm sure, a vast majority of viewers have & will. The music score in this film rates A+ and the cast members selected for this sequel could not be a more perfect selection. Terrance Howard's comedy, wit, and sarcasm is an added plus towards helping us, the viewers, return from a state of tears, back to a state of laughter. I rate this film 5 of 5 stars!

Tedrico's Favorite Movies

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith 3D Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith 3D PG-13
The best Sci-Fi movie, EVER, to date. I can't wait for George to come up with the next Trilogy (hopefully the Timothy Zhann series) to bring to the big screen.
Deep Impact Deep Impact PG-13
One of my all time favorite disaster movies. I cried when the reporter & her dad awaited the first tidal wave off the NC coastline .. knowing certain death lay ahead.

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