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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier PG-13
excellent movie... full of action and drama...
Godzilla Godzilla PG-13
Outstanding movie..Gareth Edwards did a fantastic job and bravo to him, the cast, and the crew..the story starts a little slow but picks up as events begin to take place..I love how the gave the nods to the original movie..overall I enjoyed it and was worth the money!!! Long Live The King Of The Monsters!!

Thomas' Favorite Movies

Godzilla: Final Wars Godzilla: Final Wars PG-13
Great movie.. the last one for while!!! special Effects were great!!
Raiders of the Lost Ark Raiders of the Lost Ark PG
outstanding movie!!! a great tribute to the old movies serials of the early 30's,40's, 50's

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