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Zoom Zoom PG
Kind of weak. It really is for kids and the bare bones plot shows. There really isn't anything going on in the flick for about the first half and they rely on showing a few super powers here and there to keep your attention. Tim Allen is a little weak here and you can tell he would rather be doing something else with his time.
The final scene of the movie is a little rushed and the fx aren't really that impressive. In the end it's not much of a movie. Go see Sky High instead.

Jason's Favorite Movies

Rear Window Rear Window PG
This is an awesome movie that follows a man stuck in his home from a broken leg who watches the world that unfolds around his apartment courtyard. We get to watch this world as well from the protection of his window and we are able to spy on little pieces of these peoples lives and even see what may be a murder take place. The mood of the film weighs heavy as we too are trapped in the apartment. Hitchcock makes the story flow and the characters come alive even though they are just people in windows.
Stand by Me Stand by Me R
This is one of the best movies to me because when I watch it I remember the feelings I had when with my friends as a kid. I know what it's like to go out into the wild for camping trips with my buddies and the fact that our parents knew nothing of it was exciting. This flick brings all those emotions out in me and that is what a good movie should do. It should touch the person watching it in a personal way. Most of them just entertain. The young actors in this flick pull off a range of emotions and they do it well. The story is compelling and the music sets the mood just right. Based off of a novella by Stephen King we see that the guy can do more than just write horror movies. He can create characters that can be as real as the friend you had when you were twelve.

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