Jason Owens (stormyweather980)

Hamilton, AL

Jason's Favorite Movies

Apocalypto Apocalypto R
Soon as I saw this, I knew it would be an enduring all time favorite of mine, instantly. The story is extremely intriguing, even with the subtitles. I can't say enough about it, you just have to watch it and see for yourself...definitely worth purchasing, even before you see it!!!
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom PG
My dad bought all 3 of the Indiana Jones movies years ago when they were all for sale at McDonald's and "Temple of Doom" is my favorite of the three. It might not have quite as much fast paced action as "Raiders of The Lost Ark", but it has a lot of action nonetheless. "Temple of Doom" is the only Indiana Jones movie that I've watched more than twice and it's more memorable than the other two of the series in my opinion. Indiana Jones goes on a journey with a night club dancer and a Chinese boy to try and rescue hostages and 3 sacred stones that were stolen from an Indian village. To say the least, there is tons of action and suspense in "Temple of Doom" and if you like action movies or the Indiana Jones series, you will definitely like this one. It even has some funny parts to it such as some of the foods that are offered to the crew from some of the foreigners. A couple of them are eyeball soup and chilled monkey brain. "Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom" is an action packed and original movie and if you ask me, it's one of the best that's ever been made. This is one adventure you don't need to miss. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. This has always been my favorite IJ movie, and one of my favorites of all time!!!!

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