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Zoom Zoom PG
Definitely the biggest turd of A-list movie quality, if it can even be called that. All of those huge-name actors in the movie must have been really good friends with the director, or the producers just shoveled out piles of gold for casting, but left little to nothing for script or CGI effects. During the middle of the training sequences, I found myself dreading the ending battle with the horrible up-coming villain. Especially since I knew they would just make them unrealistically succeed by some ungodly miracle. This movie made no sense, the characters were stale and flat, and all of these famous, huge name actors just slobber and babble out their performances. It's no wonder half of the no-name actors in this movie never saw a career.

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V for Vendetta V for Vendetta R
The action and dialog will leave you speechless.
Watchmen Watchmen R
A long, refreshing drink of water after a long drought. I was very satisfied with how Zack Snyder stayed as close to the comics as he possibly could. He added in some very astounding visual effects as well as a good number of heart-pounding fight scenes that quenched your thirst for these Super Heroes in their most brilliant form. I'm actually quite happy with the cuts he made to the story, and even the changes he made, as vague as some of them were. I am not a LONG TIME fan of Watchmen as some of these other people seem to be, but I've still been waiting a year to see this, and I have to say, BINGO!

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