Sophie Burgess (StarCrossedVoyager)


Sophie's Favorite Movies

War of the Worlds War of the Worlds PG-13
best movie i have ever seen!!!! and ever will see!! JUST GREAT!!!
How to Train Your Dragon How to Train Your Dragon PG
I went to see this as sort of a last resort as I didn't really know much about it and hadn't seen the trailer but I liked the word "dragon" so it looked interesting. I was a bit dismayed to find that it was an animation however when it got started it was much better that it was. The animation was seamless and although the 3D was quite fuzzy in parts it was amazing. I loved the narrative of how a boy doesn't fit in with the crowd but then he makes everything ok again as he changes the stereotypes of his people. The voices were really good and something that I absolutely loved was toothless. He was just so cute and adorable and very much like my little kitten so I took to him straight away. This movie just makes me jealous that I can't have a dragon! Loved this. A hidden treasure.

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