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Battle Royale 3D Battle Royale 3D Unrated
This is the most origanal and unique films ever brought to the screen by the directing genius of Kinji Fukasaku. Because this film has been banned from the US and was never released there, while Hostel is a far more gorier film. Though in what countries this film has been released in it has been a cult-film, though is film that is very hard to come by. If this film was given more of a media-hyped release this movie would be the biggest Cult Since Reservior Dogs. The acting talent in this film is unbelivable as the age of it's cast is so young. Though with the experience of Takeshi Kitano overdoing himself in his role as the evil teacher in charge of the BR: act the potential of this film was higher than the Beatles on a dayly basis. The film was nominated for a Japanese Academy Award though just missing out. In conclusion this film is highly regarded as one of the greatest films ever made though is largly unknown due to it's low profile release.
Oldboy Oldboy R
Although there are some films which i like more than this one, OLDBOY is by far the best made film ever. There is nothing bad about this film what so ever, the plot is beyond brilliant, the Hammer Fight scene was done brilliantly well and even that Octpus, wow, that was wrong. Chan-wook Park after making Part one of the Vengeance trilogy "Sympathy for Mr Vengeance" was released nothing special was thought of it but when the next part was out, it had critics all over the world turning in South Korea's direction. This is the peak of entertainment so far, although it is a very graphical film while relating to many real life events. Just a beautiful film proving that the East is the greatest creators of films.

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