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The Terminator The Terminator R
The Terminator is a brainless actiony sci-fi move that, I suspect, maintains its reputation through pure nostalgia. Viewed by someone in 2014 without having seen it before? Well, it's dated visually, thematically, and dialogue..ically.

From a time when action movies just needed action and random badass phrases to link them together, Terminator is still probably must-see cinema just for the impact it had on American culture, but not much else. Expect of course, nostalgic value, which I don't discount at all; in 10 years people will probably be looking at The Matrix the same way, and I'll always love that.
How I Live Now How I Live Now R
There's a really, really awesome movie here. It has some flaws--major flaws, even--but the awesome shines through.

The awesome is in the fabulous way the film takes an idealistic English countryside abode, showcases some family bliss, and then brings about World War III. It's well done, it's exhilarating, and it refuses to pull punches as it draws the viewer through those first few weeks.

Unfortunately, trying to shoehorn in a romantic aspect brought the believablity down. Their chemistry was fine, just brought about way too quickly, even for a movie. Kiss one day, sex the next, and then the following day you refuse to leave the country so you can stay with this guy? You know, 10 points for feeling, but minus a billion for smarts.

But even as the driving force for many of the events in the movie, the romance can't kill off the other good ideas, interestingly subtle characterization, and general atmosphere that How I Live Now presents.

Jacob's Favorite Movies

Grindhouse Grindhouse R
FANTASTIC THEATER EXPERIENCE. (Opening night, especially.) If they never release a US DVD of Grindhouse I will loose all faith in America.
Pulp Fiction Pulp Fiction R
Just about perfect, each and every time. And, yes, a foot massage DOES mean something.

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