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Ashes of Time Redux Ashes of Time Redux R
This is a difficult movie to rate. First off I will state that visually this movie is flawless and exists in a league of it's own in that department. And while I did enjoy this film immensely on that level, I still felt that the story telling aspect left a lot to be desired. I am aware that this redux version has a lot of fat cut, and the fuller, longer version might have been more to my liking, but i am reviewing the redux version alone here. Not to say this cimplaint hindered my enjoyment too much, I still enjoyed what is on display here. The loss of points are more for what isn't there rather than what is. I did feel it was difficult to follow what was going on and none of the characters were really very engaging for me though, As I said though this film is a visual feast and is worth seeing on those merits alone. Could have been better but still recommended.

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