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Life Itself Life Itself R
A touching documentary on the most famous movie critic.
Deliver Us from Evil Deliver Us from Evil R
The film doesn't know what it exactly wants to be. It tries to be a cop drama as well as a horror film on demonic possession. The cop drama elements are okay with Eric Bana doing a decent job. As a horror film it completely fails. It is not scary and only relies on jump scare moments. Also the film uses a lot of The Doors music, trying to make it sound demonic or scary, which becomes laughable. Take away the demonic element and really this film is about veterans with extreme PTSD.

Bryan's Favorite Movies

Titanic Titanic PG-13
This is my favorite film of all time.
The Crow The Crow R
Titanic beats this by a hair. But these two are my favorite films of all time. Brandon Lee gives a stunning haunting performance as Eric Draven, The Crow

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