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Quin puede matar a un nio? (Who Can Kill a Child?)(Death is Child's Play)(Island of the Damned) Quin puede matar a un nio? (Who Can Kill a Child?)(Death is Child's Play)(Island of the Damned) R
Two english tourists are holidaying in spain, the wife also pregnant. they finally make it to their final destination, a secluded island, which they find is vacant and very eery, things get weird when they see the local kids, which there are many, have been killing off the locals and visitors, the film plays well, coming out in 1976 it certainly has that feel of films from that time. films like the fury and village of the dammed certainly getting a nod. and of course the title. which certainly comes into play and towards finally comes into question. a interesting final act and indeed future motives for the kids, this is a interesting and enjoyable effort from the 70s horror cannon.
The Veteran The Veteran R
Toby bell, ive followed with interest, since the exellent dead mans shoes, he was great in rocknrolla, and then not much else, support turns in nothing special, a few hollywood blockbusters too. but here hes on home tuf, playing a returning veteran from our current war, disillusioned, jobless, he gets back into the game, working for a group, who are following terror suspects, they feel hes a good choice, and he takes to it. but as story goes on, doubts about the job, and indeed what hes following, add to that, threats from the job, and the state of estate he lives he needs to make tough desisions, climax showing results of this. the film comes off well, certainly commentating on current war on terror, and one mans minor, maybe inportant part in it, also, flaws, and corruption, and shadow dealings, nothing is flushed out fully, but everything comes together. and a great bloody climax that for me echoes taxi driver, which when viewed makes sence considering, the two storylines on charactors agenda. a interesting vehicle for the actor who i admire a lot

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Taxi Driver Taxi Driver R
scorsese and deniro step up a gear after mean streets and create a genuine classic of 70s cinema, deniro is travis bickle, a newyork cabbie and vietnam veteran, who drives the streets, just doing his job, but is sickend by what he sees going on, the crime rate, and the general state of the city, its here he eyes up betsy, played by cibil sheperd, a campaine worker, for palantine, a candidate campaighning for election, he gets to go on a date with her, but blows it by taking her to a pawn film, this adds to his personal problems, but he also meets iris a 12 year old prostitute working the city, he sees in iris whats wrong with the city and wants to help her out, but her pimp, played by harvey keitlel controls her life, these things that happen to him pushes him further into despair, as travis buys guns and gets into more desperation, its clear to him what hes gotta do, free iris, and assassinate palentine, as he ses he is no better, than any other politician, deniro is suberb in this film, a really convincing portrayal of a man in possibly depression, this is why the 70s for me is the golden age, and with cities in america being at there most violent, it really helped film, and n.y york is a charactor in this film, you really see society and violence there in front of you, you dont get that in todays films, nothing looks more gritty than newyork films of the 70s, foster and keitel are also superb, and foster who was around 12 at the time is amazing, keurel reuniting with scorsese after mean streets, is good, scorsese shows the potential, that will cement his career, and wit later films like after hours bringing out the dead, goodfellas, and the departed, a great score as well by bernard herrman a great catchy main theme. my no 1 off all time, and along with goodfellas changed my viewing habits, and got me into proper films, please check this out
GoodFellas GoodFellas R
scorsese,s other masterpiece, and my 2nd fav film off all time. ray liotta stars as henry hill, a kid who grows up in queens newyork, who all his young life is dazed by the life style of the local gangsters, as they pass there time between jobs, at the local cab stand, henry is employed to work there, and is emediatly put to work, on small time jobs, here he starts a career as a gangster, and meets tommy, later played superbly by joe pesci, and of course jimy conway, played by de niro, from this point on we get henrys commentery on the life of a gangster, the money to be made, the women on the side, and the threats awaiting which is part of the life, here he meets karen, lorraine bracco, and they get married, as the 60s turn into the 70s life changes for henry as more pressure and jail terms happen, and its when he gets into the drug distribution side of things( a mafia no go area) and paulis(head of the family) dislike of the stuff, that things turn for the worse, and his life with the family is coming to a head. what can i say, this film changed everything in terms of film watching for me, it got me into scorsese for 1 thing, got me watching films by great directors, coppola, de palma, and a lot of others, and not just knowing who spielberg was, his direction is faultless, the pacing in this film, is probely the best ive seen 2 hours 20, flys by, his music choices are superb, and fit well into the story, the use of layla(piano exit) is superb, acting is top notch, bracco, as the wife, paul srvino as paulie, and de niro all great but pesci is chilling here, a real nasty piece of work,his funny guy speech is not only the most chilling scene ive seen, but funny as well, and liotta, well im apalled he wasent even nominated for a oscar, its top 5 performances of all time for me, his charm in the beginning to drugged up at the end is great, influenced by the greats, scorsese says, and a influence to many, watch paul thomas andersons boogie nights, for pacing and plot, there so alike, and next to taxi driver a modern masterpiece, love this film, and depending what mode im in overtakes taxi driver, please watch this film

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