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Sarah Gaish (SarahG1988)

North Devon, UK

Sarah's Favorite Movies

There Will Be Blood There Will Be Blood R
Director:Paul Thomas Anderson Released: 2007 Stars: Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Ciaran Hinds and Kevin J. O'Connor Genre: Drama Country: US
Photobucket A story about family, greed, religion, and oil, centered around a turn-of-the-century prospector in the early days of the business. Well, first things first, I didn't think that I would come across a film that would have the same impact on me when i watched Atonement. Boy was I wrong! Everything in this film is pure genuis on Anderson's part. Stunning cinematography,acting,score,editing....everything that I want in a film and more. An absolute masterpiece. There Will Be Blood contains some intresting idelogies about surburben America. Most notably an incredibly isolated one. But two that come to mind are this Anti-Religious theme and Ant-capitalism. We see the character of Plaintiff, who feels uncomfortable around Eli Sunday in relation to his evangelical preching. Daniel Day-Lewis' character is one of a seriosuly repressed man, who wants no more than to own every oil enterprise in the land. What was so brilliant about this film, which I will probably say again was just absolutly bloody everything. The score I will begin with. Made by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood, who for some starnge reason did not get an Academy award nomination for this, produces a score which prefectly relates to the time period. The whole errieness of it and the detuning of the score, adds to the bleak, corrupt atmosphere that we see on screen. Abolutly mesmeriszing. Something which I have to buy very soon. Still have it in my head. So brilliant" The film also contains huge christian like imagery. For instance Plaintiff, is seen as deriving from hell, ie- we first seen him down in the pit lookin for oil. From there we can see he is a violent, selfish man, who is deterimined to get what h wants. From there on, when he takes the son of another man and poses him as his own-also symoboloses this. There are loads more but I dodn't want to give too much away as it's just blown me away! Talking of "blowing me away" the cinematography. WOW oh Wow! again I didn't think I would see should sensational cinematography since I watched Atonement back in September. Again I was serisouly wrong. Throughout the film, the colour on the screen changes from dark to seriously light. Again, possibly signifies the changing of mood. One oncredibly piece of imagery is that scene where the oil place is on fire is unbelivably. The colours, is set up perfectly for something spectactualer. I don't have the words to describe it but once you see it you'll see what I mean. Being a Scorsese fan, I can see hell of a lot of trademarks in here that he uses. For instance the jump cuts in here, that he often uses. These, as I can see from reviews have put people off and confused them a little. For me this is is beauty of the film. It has certainly made be think about how much I take for granted everything told to me in the film. I mean Anderson takes a chunk of vita nrrative information and doesn't tells us anymore. I loved this. Seriouslyy people is a good thing you know. It's something that is original and not often used. People wake up! Anyway, I loved some of the tracking shots in this, not quite beating Atonement but still some unbeliveable scenes in it. The acting...well just outstanding. Daniel Day Lewis seriosuly pocess the inner-body of his character so well. The John Huston like voice, mannerisms, e.t.c is just mind-blowing. If he doesn't win best actor at this year's oscars-I'l eat my own hat!! I have to say Paul Dano is serisouly under-rated in this role. He brilliantly plays the twin-brothers Eli and Paul so so well. I love his crazy preaching moment...but I can't go into that much. Both actors, Dano and Day-Lewis have brilliant chemistry on screen which shows. I can't understand why Dano hasn't been credited more with his role-only a BAFTA nomination. I guess his is slightly over-shadowed by Day Lewis's performance. Overall, the length of the film DOES NOT matter, the jump cuts, DOES NOT matter, acting, score cinematograpy all contribute to a sensational, outsanding film which words can't not express. I couldn't keep my eyes of it all the way through, just annoyed me that I picked a crapy version but I will get it on DVD soon. Go out and see it when you can, you wont be dsappointed. Ignore the negative comments here because they're wrong!! There Will Be Blood gave me the same experience as I had with the brilliant Atonement. One of utter admiration for the director and just all around Wownes...a word I made up right there! 10/10
In the Mood for Love In the Mood for Love PG
Just simply amazing. Right from the beginning of the film I was hooked and mesmerized by the cinematograhpy within every scene, just stunning. The soundtrack, for me was another great part in this film. Well, if only there were 6 stars but sadly there isn't. Definatly a film i will watch again and one to go in my all time favourites list. Just amazing!

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