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Chef Chef R
i really loved this film. too often, films create a false sense of drama and dilemma to establish tension, they force plot elements through zaney mishaps or unrealistic misunderstandings, and put relationships on edge in order to build towards a climax. this film falls into none of those traps. there is conflict, and the characters are real and flawed, but only in ways one might naturally expect. the performances were great, the script very well written, and in the end, the movie is just a lot of fun. it feels more like watching real people in the defining moment of their lives than it does watching something force fed to us through a list of hollywood cliches. very good.
Cold in July Cold in July R
these violent "B" films have a solid tradition going back into the 70's, and they always get made because there is a certain segment of movie watchers that loves them. theyre all similar in tone, an this one is no different. taking place in the 80's, it feels very much like an 80's crime film in the vein of "blood simple." the story was light but interesting, and the actors were all good enough to make the film work. many of the actions of the main character were unexplained and the film suffered from too many leaps in internal logic, but it was a solid watch.

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Casablanca Casablanca PG
"of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she had to walk into mine." what a perfect movie. i just saw this for the fourth time and it was the best viewing yet. this film is cluttered with wonderful qoutes, great diologue, and an incredible plot. bogey and bergman are larger than life in this film and the rest of the actors really shine. i have read many critics reviews of this film and some try to think of something critical to say for the sake of being objective, in reality criticizing this film is futile. many consider this to be one of the top five films and unlike others in the top five, i can raise no objections here. this is easily one of the greatest films ever made without exception. as ebert once said, this is probably the most well recieved and reviewed film ever made and it deserves its aclaim. "heres lookin at you kid."
Akahige (Red Beard) Akahige (Red Beard) Unrated
"hes a great doctor. no, hes a great man." that quote from this film really wraps it up. this movie is flawless, perfect in every way. easily kurosawas best directing job, and mifunes acting performance is one of the greatest in film history. every line of diologue, every camera shot, everything was perfect. one of the 10 greatest films i have ever seen, absolutely brilliant in every way. the young doctor, the little boy towards the end, all of the acting was great and this story is stunning and beautiful. dont believe that kurosawa can only make samurai films, this one is even better than seven samurai.

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