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Postal Postal R
good god almighty this film is pure genius...in more ways then any one wants to fucking beleave just oscer worthy in so many ways fucking christ why didnt this get a fucking wide release?! it was just so fucking funny and raised damn good points!!!! WATCH THIS MOVIE LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF AND GET YOUR NUTS OFF BY PLAYING THE GAME!!!!!.... i do it every day postal 2 is a great stress releaver...only problem i had was not enough cat silencer and could of gone...id say....little further....
Night of the Living Dead Night of the Living Dead R
the first true story about politics...and its a horror movie! duane jones says every fucking thing every man was thinking about at that time that didnt care about the color of your skin and he deserved to be the fucking hero romero is a fucking gennius in every way and god bless him for helping the color of your skin not care and if your a hero then your a fucking hero!

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