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Urbania Urbania R
Gay urban (You never woulda guessed) tale that's quite interesting in parts, too obvious in others. The director really tries to communicate unfairness for GLBT people, how when compared to straights that have things for granted, life really sucks and it's difficult to enjoy being. I think the beginning is supposed to bring in or attract hetero-thinking people because it seems to be a normal "straight" story with a wicked taste. It's deceiving and ambiguous until the terms "boyfriend" and "him" pop up. I think even the lead actor is straight in real life, he was the only one butch among the gay characters, thus the only attractive one.

I don't like the thought of "your side must be disrespected in order for ours to gain equality" - it was difficult taking the moral seriously and not as just bitching. But characters were interesting, some of what's covered in the Flixster synopsis is only heard of and not really seen; there's a lot of storytelling.

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Irreversible Irreversible Unrated
Things that are irreversible in this film: death, vengeful impulses, genetics, sexual orientation, the violent events, chaos and destruction, the beginning of the film, thus everything we've come across, and finally the viewing experience some people had. Top-notch technical prowess, editing, acting, cinematography, the beginning and ending are spellbinding and evoke the deepest emotions from you. Carne had the visual force, yet lacked anything beyond ordinary metaphors and characters; I Stand Alone had the characters right, the emotion gushing outwards, but it was directed towards something boring and not at all disturbing as I wanted it to be. Irreversible brings it together for one grandiose assault - it's everything Noe did before, perfected.
Martyrs Martyrs R
It will probably disturb a lot of people, but it's more of a popcorn flick to me (Come to think of it... it was). So overall damn cool film, viscerally graphic, with substance, character development, twists, and action and bloodshed. Set up in just the right way to provoke disgust, fear and agony.

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