David Ray Gallagher (rebvodka042099)

Thessaloniki, Greece

David Ray's Favorite Movies

Elephant Elephant R
Gus Van Sant's absolute masterpiece. It makes you doubt, wonder and hate. The direction is unconventional and the picture so still, making "Elephant" a total must-see.This movie explodes so silently, like a firework in the night time sky.
XXY XXY Unrated
The only reason I'm sorry for, is that I didn't get to see this film when it came out two years ago. It was a powerful hit to the stomach, a film that is infused with subtle intensity, a movie about an unusual human drama. For me, this movie was about antitheses: prejudice vs. acceptance, male vs. female, freedom vs. oppression, love vs. neglect, heart-break vs. fulfillment.

The performances are simply brilliant, and although Argentinian cinema is one I'm the least familiar with, I was just proven that indeed the greatest movies don't require neither Hollywood nor billions worth of budget, nor happy endings.

A most powerful film about humanity, sexuality, acceptance, growth and tragedy. I literally didn't want it to end. Lyricism that flies off the screen straight to the heart. No taboos, no restrains, no limits. Real cinema. At last a movie I can call a masterpiece.

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