Mister Caple (rayman0071)

Durham,North Carolina

Mister's Favorite Movies

Alien Alien R
Brilliant 70's science fiction flick that started it all. It was in fact the rebirth of the monster genre that began in the 1950's resurrected for the 1970's. And this one is a classic. It made a unknown actress named Sigourney Weaver into a mega superstar because of this movie. It will scare the daylights out of you. Best way to see this film is on the widescreen format the way it should be seen. I saw this film back in the late 1970's and on the big screen in 70MM-Six Track Dobly Stereo. It was mindblowing.
Scarface Scarface R
At the time this movie came out there was no better actor out there than the great Al Pacino who could brilliantly bring Tony Montana to life in this classic remake of the 1932 Howard Hawks film of the same title. When "Scarface"came out in 1983,it was panhandle by audiences and critics for its use of strong graphic violence and gory content along with persuasive scenes of drug abuse and raw language. This was the forefront of the "gangsta" flick and it shows here in graphic detail directed by Brian DePalma.

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