Karl Vanderhoof (QueenCityFilms)

Los Angeles, CA

Karl's Favorite Movies

Fight Club Fight Club R
David Fincher is sick in a perfect way. My #1 film of all time currently. NOTHING tops it...STILL. I've watched this movie like 25 times and every time I watch it, even if I gotta go take a piss, I PAUSE THE MOVIE cuz I can't miss a scene. Every actor is on point. Pitt is simply badass. Norton is amazing. Bonham Carter dominates. Fincher has such an unrelenting need to film each shot perfectly that he routinely uses over 50 takes for important scenes...dude takes his shit seriously. I think that's why I love this movie so much - every single shot is painstakingly crafted. No movie comes close to this masterpiece. **BEST MOVIE THERE EVER HAS BEEN AND EVER WILL BE**
The Matrix The Matrix R
I've heard the creators have ripped off several sources...I honestly don't care. This is the most imaginative movie I've ever seen. **2nd BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME**

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