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Vikingdom Vikingdom Unrated
Lord of the Rings meets Showtimes Spartacus Series.Visually stunning but a bit improbable,even for a Swedish Girl like me
The Pawnbroker The Pawnbroker Unrated
Very deeply intellectual & important film about a Pawnbroker, played by Rod Stieger,that is broken by his experience in and survival of Auschwitz. One of the most memorable performances I have ever seen

Marilee's Favorite Movies

The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz PG
Love Love Love this Movie, I have seen it every year of my Life since I was 4 years old(although the Flying Monkeys made me Cry then).
Original Sin Original Sin R
One of the most Sensual Movies I have EVER Seen.Angelina Jolie & Antonio Banderas have Smoking Hot Chemistry that is hard to forget.1880's Cuba, his Mail Order Bride turns out to be more than he bargained for, & not even the Woman he has sent for, but a Prettier & more Exciting Imposter with seemingly Duel Personalities, one of which may be a Murderous Prostitute with a Pimp Partner in crime that plotted to take all his Money.I believe she falls in love with him & is Conflicted. Does his Love & Forgiveness Reform Him? Or does she turn him to the Dark Side? A Favorite Love Story of Many Complexities & Sensuality

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