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Nemesis III: Prey Harder (Nemesis 3: Time Lapse) Nemesis III: Prey Harder (Nemesis 3: Time Lapse) R
Third times a charm right?...right?!! well no. The plot continues somehow in this weird ass sci-fi action franchise. The first film was pretty unique and turned out to be a bit of a cult, the second film turned out to be a reasonable 'Terminator/Predator' rip off which had a nice rubber suit involved.

This time Pyun makes a film virtually out of flashback material from the previous two films, yet somehow he manages to nab his muse Tim Thomerson. Continuity is good for this series of films mainly because they were all shot back to back, almost, so at least the cast sticks around. The problem is you can clearly tell this is the arse end of filming from the second film and they've made a third out of it, the leftovers.

The plot follows on from the second film naturally (back to back remember) and simply sees 'Alex' our muscly female heroine trying to regain her memory. This is the reason most of the film is flashbacks from the last film and rather dull, other than that there are more cyborgs on her tail yet again.

The effects are extremely basic this time, embarrassingly so. In short there aren't any real effects, its all very primitive looking superimposed digitally glowing electronic lights and dreadful looking blur effects that have all been added in post-production. It looks like something a student would achieve in school frankly, it all looks so hokey and cheap. Yet on the other hand they still manage some half decent explosions and vehicle action so there was some cash to use.

I think the reason this film feels so mundane is because you merely have human looking cyborg characters running around trying to kill everyone. Its not very exciting and the characters themselves look pretty crappy costume wise, I did miss the Nebula/Predator hunter that's for sure. Pyun obviously likes sexy ladies if you haven't already guessed because the main two cyborgs are super slim fit females with trashy blonde wigs. Plus weightlifter Price gets her tight tanned ass out in the sun again with a very thin thong running between her hot buns. Was that a contractual obligation or something?.

Its all very boring really this one, the worst bit about it is the fact it all looks the same in every shot, the same locations over and over. The second film was exactly the same locations wise too of course, so it really feels like a slog getting through this without the cool Nebula cyborg hunter. The only bit I quite liked was seeing Thomerson's human projection break up and seeing his real cyborg identity shine through underneath, (he's a cyborg hunter with a human image/camouflage-like shield being projected around him). Its actually a neat little idea and the effect is probably the best in the film, his robotic glowing green eyes and scan lasers looked hilariously bad but a little creepy I guess.
Black Death Black Death R
Totally bleak and very realistic, this historical story set in the time of the bubonic plague which really is quite depressing. The plot is of course religious based and see's a group of warriors and a young monk off to a small village untouched by plague. The reason? because they think a witch is there and keeping the plague out, which would seem beneficial really, but that's not Christian damn it!.

Sean Bean heads a good character driven cast (including Tim McInnerny of 'Blackadder' fame) despite still looking like 'Boromir' of 'LOTR'. His mates are a dirty ugly bunch all set on pushing the Christian faith through England and that's it. The plot is basically just a gang of warriors on a mission getting taken down one by one, usual affair, but its niche is it being set in the time of the bubonic plague and rather grotty. Last man standing film ritual really, nothing new.

It looks great, you can almost smell the rotting filth in the air and taste the mud the group slowly wades through, all accompanied by that typical eerie chanting you tend to hear in old fashioned Abbeys by monks. The musical score is very spiritual, deep and haunting with an ethereal essence about it, it works very well for the era. Its just a shame the ending gets a little bit silly and kinda 'Wicker Man-ish'. Still its a good film that has gone under the radar probably because its a British/German production, I don't think the Yanks know what the bubonic plague was.

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Predator Predator R
The predator is the greatest alien created, Stan Winston is a genius, the best 80's, adrenaline, testosterone, muscle filled action man flick ever with one of the best character actor line ups since 'Con Air' plus the effects still look better than most modern films today! The Austrian Oaks best flick for me by far and possibly my all time favourite film. 'I ain't got time to bleed'.
Aliens Aliens R
Another Stan Winston creation with Cameron direction, genius. State of the badass art! this film rocks on every level, the only downer for me is the fact that you never really saw hords of aliens, some would say its more powerful that way but I think it would have been more tense and savage. Its still the perfect film with the perfect ensemble cast, amazing tension, fantastic hands on effects, realistic working sci-fi, dark, gritty...hell I don't even really need to go on about it, awesometastic sequel!

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