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Crazy Six Crazy Six R
Another Pyun film with a good cast roster hmmm this guy reminds me of Uwe Boll in that he makes generally poor films yet somehow manages to recruit good actors most times.

Another boring dull film with a plot that really doesn't interest thus you lose the plot out of boredom and not caring. It could of been reasonable sure but it clearly has a very limited budget, has been filmed in the oddest location and having Burt Reynolds ponce around a crumbling run down Eastern European town in his cowboy hat and cowboy boots acting like a 'Walker Texas Ranger' Clint Eastwood wannabe is pretty dumb...yet possibly the best thing in the film.
Blast Blast Unrated
So here we have 'Die Hard' in an Olympic stadium, well its actually based around what could of happened if the Atlanta Olympics (1996) had come under siege from the terrorist attack which the FBI actually stopped in reality. So an actual interesting concept from Mr Pyun this time.

Despite that interesting plot it does come across as 'Die Hard' in a stadium, 'Ashby' is the sole hero/janitor who can save everyone and his wife in this complete plot rip off that Bruce Willis vehicle. Of course the difference here is the acting is bad, fights and action are poorly executed and its clearly more of a TV film as the whole stadium consists of about 20 people not including the terrorists.

The way Divoff tries to plays it so hard, cool and serious as the baddie top dog is hilariously corny plus the sight of Rutger Hauer with a weird Native American Indian style haircut complete with braids is pretty peculiar. Yep its the usual all star cast of B-movie regulars, or I guess you could say cult movie regulars at a push. This could of been kinda cool had it been taken down a serious route but I guess Pyun couldn't help himself.

Phil's Favorite Movies

Predator Predator R
The predator is the greatest alien created, Stan Winston is a genius, the best 80's, adrenaline, testosterone, muscle filled action man flick ever with one of the best character actor line ups since 'Con Air' plus the effects still look better than most modern films today! The Austrian Oaks best flick for me by far and possibly my all time favourite film. 'I ain't got time to bleed'.
Aliens Aliens R
Another Stan Winston creation with Cameron direction, genius. State of the badass art! this film rocks on every level, the only downer for me is the fact that you never really saw hords of aliens, some would say its more powerful that way but I think it would have been more tense and savage. Its still the perfect film with the perfect ensemble cast, amazing tension, fantastic hands on effects, realistic working sci-fi, dark, gritty...hell I don't even really need to go on about it, awesometastic sequel!

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