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Office Space Office Space R
A brilliant movie and really funny. Whoever did the casting for this did an excellent job because all the actors fit their roles. The acting as a whole was awesome and Livingston, Herman, and Naidu made a great gang. Stephen Root and Richard Riehle also had some hilarious scenes. A lot of great moments to look back on especially the classic destroying of the printer. It was so good and funny it made me want to watch it again despite just viewing it. One of my favorite comedies from the 90's. An all around blast to watch especially with friends and family. Recommended for all.
The Grey The Grey R
Heart pounding survival movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Liam Neeson plays his classic badass role in this thriller about surviving in the Alaskan wilderness. There were a lot of moments where something deep was revealed and I love the flashbacks with Neeson and his ex-wife. This gave him more character and not just another person who raises hell. Though a lot of this movie was really saddening and there were parts that made you want to cry, there were also moments with joy and humor coming out of weird places. Fantastic movie that I would watch numerous times.

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