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Boyhood Boyhood R
Incredibly engrossing and engaging. It didn't even feel like I'd sat for so long it was that entertaining.
Tammy Tammy R
It has some funny moments, and I really like Melissa McCarthy but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I didn't believe in Susan Sarandon's character, which detracted from my enjoyment because she looks just way too young, and whatever they did to her hair needs some sort of law suit action. I didn't feel engrossed, as the story was pretty much nothing, and i didn't invest in it, so the end was kind of just blank. The robbery scene is probably the most entertaining part, and the viking funeral...

Dr. F's Favorite Movies

Polyester Polyester R
I watched this not really knowing what it was about, i obviously knew it was a John Waters movie but i wasn't sure what Divine's character was going to be or anything. All the way throughout i felt so bad for Francine, i just wanted to go to her house and rescue her. What really made me laugh was when Francine was hanging herself off the fridge and Cuddles comes in not even recognizing that and just says "lets go for a picnic. I honestly didn't know what i was watching, i haven't ever watched a 1950's melodrama about suffering housewives so i thought she was going to go and have a lesbian relationship with Cuddles halfway through. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!
Pretty in Pink Pretty in Pink PG-13
I thought i'd re-write this review because the last one sounded like i couldn't function properly. Pretty In Pink is one of my all time faves, y'know it may not be the most visually intriguing and it might be pretty much just for teens or adults that never really grew up but it's one that i can watch over and over and never get sick of. I love the style, the music, a young James Spader being an absolute dick. Annie Potts is a gem and gosh, i can't get over Duckie! I also like Andie but geez, i can't forgive her for going with bland Blane! I mean yeah he's alright in that sort of 'just another guy' way, it's such a shame John Hughes had to change the original ending. Well anyway, i always enjoy watching Pretty In Pink so it can't be all bad, right?

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