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Hannah's Favorite Movies

Benny & Joon Benny & Joon PG-13
THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!Johnny Depp is funny, sweet, and hawt in this movie!! I could watch this 100 times, and NEVER get tired of it!! Great movie that everyone should like.
The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club R
OMG!!!!! That rebel guy... John, right?? Anyway, he is SSSOOOOOOO hot!!!!!!!! I just wanna hug him and kiss him!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh!!!!!!!

OMG!! I HATE CLAIRE!!!!!! She is sucha a MAJOR Biatch!!!!! She doesn't deserve Bender!!!! He's too hot for her!!!!!!!! Allison is fricken hilarious!!!!!! She's TOTALLY a compulsive liar!!!!! She was very pretty at the end tho... Andrew... wow, he's kinda hot, i sorta wanted to squeeze his arms, to feel his muscles... Him and Allison make a good couple. I think Brian is most like me, a total brainiac. But I dont think i would attemp suicide JUST because I failed shop class...

Thats about all the comments I want to make. ^_^

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