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High Wycombe,England

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Dallas Buyers Club Dallas Buyers Club R
Drama based on the life of badboy cowboy Ron Woodroof whose rock n' roll lifestyle goes tits up when he's diagnosed HIV positive and given 30 days to live. Refusing to give up on life, Ron goes about finding alternative medicines, ones that haven't been approved by the US government, and opens his own business helping other HIV sufferers. With help from an openly gay, cross dressing man, and shut out by his friends, Ron goes against the odds to prove everyone wrong.
Dallas Buyers Club is an absorbing and at times powerful drama, with the odd moment of humour and great, Oscar winning performances from Matthew McConaughey as Woodroof and Jared Leto as his gay business partner, the two characters' relationship quite touching, and a fine turn from Jennifer Garner to as a nurse compelled by Ron's plight.
The Banshee Chapter The Banshee Chapter R
Horror based around real life experiments on humans by the US government where people reported feeling like something was after them and seeing strange entities and hallucinating. A female journalists friend goes missing after taking the experimental drug and she goes on a mission to find out what happened to him. Her findings lead her to the house of a cult writer and the journalists discoveries get deeper and darker.
The Banshee Chapter does a good job of upping the tension on a regular basis and not overdoing it on the scares so when they do come, it fucking works!
Being loosely based on something that actually happened also peaks your interest . Winner of 'Scariest Film' at Total Films Frightfest, The Banshee Chapters real and gritty feel adds another dimension, making it a must see for horror and thriller fans alike.

Adam's Favorite Movies

Pulp Fiction Pulp Fiction R
One of my favourite films ever.Some brilliant dialogue and performances as well as gore and shocks make this one of the most iconic films of the 90's.It also made John Travolta cool again! "Does he look like a bitch?!"
Fight Club Fight Club R
A Classic.A brilliant subject matter that hides beneath the violence the first time you watch it(for me,anyway).Brilliantly acted,great twist.Just one of the best films.Ever.

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