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Ball of Fire Ball of Fire Unrated
Hilarious. Charming. Infinitely superior to the remakes. Gary Cooper, as the youngest among a group of professors working on an encyclopedia, is at his most adorable. Stanwyck as a chantuesie with mob connections lives up the the title role. The two of them are great together. Supporting cast very amusing, writing snappy, direction perfectly timed. One of my all-time favorites!
Amélie Amélie R
If ever I'm having a bad day, I simply pop this DVD in and I feel infinitely better. Quirky, eccentric, imaginative, funny, sad, romantic without treacle, one of my favorite movies of any origin. This film is responsible for the cult of Audrey Tautou, whose charming, endearing performance in the title role keeps everything in perfect, lop-sided balance. Like "My Neighbor Totoro," this film is a soul litmus test: If someone doesn't like this movie, you now know that person has a dark, irredeemable soul and no heart. (Fantastic soundtrack, too!)

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