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The Dark Knight The Dark Knight PG-13
a movie worthwatching FINALLY!!!!!!!! Amazing, Amazing.. i will say it one more time AMAZING!!!! -probly the best movie ive seen in 6 months!! i just loved it!! THE JOKER AHHHHHH i cant say how -hillarious -demoneted -twisted -feaking - and just altogether flipping SWEEET he is .... -i usually dont really see the "great acting" of heath ledger but NOW I SEE!!! now i REALLY AM SAD! that he died because we will never see him as the joker michel caine said " if he dosent with THE OSCER for his performance in this move I WANT TO SEE THE ONE WHO DOES!! -action was great... P.S. good job Aaron Eckheart.. good story plot and again... JOKER JOKER JOKER!!!!!!!!
Chicago Chicago PG-13

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