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Léon: The Professional Léon: The Professional R
Leon! Jean Reno and Natalie Portman are outstanding. Hollywood meets French arthouse with wonderful consequences. Gary Oldman is legend. I could go on about this film for ages but I'll keep it brief in tribute to the beautifully introverted, innocent and childlike hitman, who is looked after by a worldly wise, mature and existentially weary Mathilda. The interplay between them is perfect, heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time. The action sequences are inventive, exhilarating and tense. The sheer audacity of the style, tone and story that Besson concocts is so engaging, so captivating and so entertaining that I have made this my favourite film. Everything works and comes together in a seamless whole. It is distinctly Besson. It is Natalie Portman. It is Leon.
The Princess Bride The Princess Bride PG
Everyone should see this film. no doubt about it. That is all I will say, to explain or describe it is impossible. Has to be seen to be believed, in all the right ways. An absolute must see.

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